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Monster Mapping - An Early Intervention for Dyslexia

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Monster X has left the SSP Family...

'Stop nabbing my Sound 
Pics' said Monster /z/ when he saw a student Monster Mapping this word.
And that was the issue with Monster X.
The other Monsters represent their own
Speech Sound, and collect pictures of their own Speech Sound (speech to print)

Monster X just 'nabbed' all Sounds
represented by the letter X. 

However, the letter X needs mapping, and so we now have a Spelling Cloud X.
Monster X has left Speech Sound Cloud land. Too greedy:-)  

Also note the shift from using /qu/ in the way most phonics programs use it. We must stay true to Code Mapping. ie to clearly segment according to phonemes. 
So there is no /qu/ cloud, because this represents 2 separate phonemes.

Think of the word 'queen'. This is how it is Code Mapped ®. The 'q' will be stored in the /k/ cloud and the 'u' here.



But we do talk about how much those letters like to be together in words.