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Tools for Teaching ALL Students to Read and Spell, Under One Roof !

Monster Mapping - An Early Intervention for Dyslexia

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Learn how to teach dyslexic students to read and spell- learn to us an early intervention for dyslexia, teach your dyslexic child to read and spell 

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SSP Stories - Tania Rosser in Ireland

My son stuggled in his first year in primary school due to his dyslexia, he has since started the SSP program with Ms Rosser in his second year in school. My mind is blown at how much his reading and writing has improved in a few short months. Last week I recorded him reading a book on his own for the first time. His confidence is soaring and he now enjoys both school and doing homework. The ssp lessons have made an enormous impact on him.”

More testimonials here soon. Well done Tania !

Tania Rosser knows the struggles students with dyslexia face, as her own son faced these issues. As a qualified teacher she uses SSP Monster Mapping to offer learning support sessions, and changing lives in Ireland. 

Recent article about the fabulous Tania Rosser in Ireland

And why did she choose to use SSP with her students?

Video here soon. Contact Tania about SSP and the Dyslexia Doctor House.  

Contact Tania

The Monster Routine
Phase 1 activity 'The Monster Routine' and transition to Phase 2 (add in the Speech Sound Pics / Graphemes) 


A4 Coding Posters
All 4 Code Levels displayed as individual posters.
2 x A4 laminated sheets, printed both sides
Ideal for very young children or those receiving
learning support.


A5 Handbooks - Photocopiable Resources
Phase 1 and the SSP Code Levels (90+ high frequency graphemes)
400+ High Frequency Words, Code Mapped and Monster Mapped


Spelling Cloud Keyring
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes


Speech Sound Monster Cards
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes on the back
(Use to build a Monster Bank) 


Speech Sound Clouds
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes


400+ High Frequency Words (7 Duck Levels)
Code Mapped


400+ High Frequency Words (7 Duck Levels)
Code Mapped 
Spelling Cloud Keyring
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes

Buy Both 


A3 Coding Posters
All 4 Code Levels on 1 laminated poster.
Students can write on the sheet with white board pen.


3 Speech Sound Puppets
Speech Sound Duck
Speech Sound Frog
Speech Sound King


Class Pack (25 students)

Speech Sound Duck Puppet
25 A3 Coding Posters
(write on with whiteboard pens)
5 Spelling Cloud Keyrings
A5 Wall Clouds (all spelling choices)
1 Duck Level Keyring
Linguistic Phonics Handbook
Sight Word Done Differently Handbook
Mini Decodable Readers (these align with the 4 Phonics Code Levels, see free Decodable Readers Guide)
RWI Card Pack for Letter Formation 

Group Pack (6/8 students)

BONUS FREE GIFT - Duck Puppet :-)
Worth $30

MASSIVE discount for ordering as a bundle. When ordered separately this would cost $712.50 plus Postage and GST

Bought as a bundle for $570 plus Postage and GST

This is what you get...
* Phonics Handbook for Photocopying (use this to create resources for Phase 1, to lead into the Phonics element, and then the Big Six.
Sold separately $75

* Speedy Sight Words Handbooks for Photocopying (use this to create home and classroom flashcards, 400+ high frequency words Code and Monster Mapped) 
Sold Separately $75 

* 6 x SSP Student Coding Posters (A3)
Sold separately, 6 x $20 = $120 (1 per student - so order extra if necessary)

* 3 x A4 Coding Posters
Sold separately, 4 x $22.50 = $90 

* Pocket Rocket Readers - 1 Orange Box and 1 Purple Box (We suggest laminating them) Sold separately $35 each = $70

Mini Decodable Readers (these align with the 4 Phonics Code Levels, see free Decodable Readers Guide)

* 1 SSP Spelling Clouds for walls (A5 size) All the Spelling Clouds, all spelling choices
Sold separately $65

* 3 SSP Spelling Cloud Keyrings  (also encourage parents to order for home use, which will really help reinforce classroom learning
Sold separately $22.50 each = $67.50 

*2 SSP Duck High Frequency Word Keyring -extension for Coding Poster Sight Words/ Duck Level Words)Sold separately $20 each - $40


* 2 x SSP Monster Cards (Small) Sold separately $17.50 = $35
Make a Monster Bank using these (see video)

*1 Letter Formation Cards (RWI) Sold separately $20

* 1 x Assessment Pack  Sold separately $55 


King and Frog