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Tools for Teaching ALL Students to Read and Spell, Under One Roof !

Monster Mapping - An Early Intervention for Dyslexia

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Learn how to teach dyslexic students to read and spell- learn to us an early intervention for dyslexia, teach your dyslexic child to read and spell 

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The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach.

The focus is on using activities to teach children how to read, write and spell in the early years, and as an intervention for older students who have struggled. Most are able to learn to read, write and spell, but needed different instruction. The ideal scenario is that we don't fail students in the first place; and so we share activities that were developed for students with dyslexia. Although no two dyslexic students are totally alike, we must be especially aware of issues such as phonemic awareness deficits.

We also want all learners to LOVE to read and write, and so activities are fun, playful, meaningful and multisensory.
The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach It is not a narrow 'step by step' program as not all children have the same starting points, or grasp concepts as easily, or learn at the same pace; it is more of a way to organise the learning so that all can move through their own learning journey, learning skills and concepts, in a way that meets their needs. We all know WHAT is included in an effective 'reading' program, for example; oral language, phonemic awareness, phonics (taught systematically) fluency, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension. Our focus is on sharing resources and activities that focus on HOW parents and teachers can teach every child to read as quickly and easily as possible.  

Next workshop Feb 29th, Brisbane!
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Teacher Workshop 2018
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Miss Emma with Burnese
Term 1 training 2019
Term 1 training 2019
Term 1 training 2019
Term 1 training 2019
Term 1 training 2019
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Hands on Learning with Miss Emma! These teachers are discussing 'speaking in speech sounds' and how they translate these phonemes onto paper (to 'talk on paper')

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Term 1 training 2019