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Tools for Teaching ALL Students to Read and Spell, Under One Roof !

Monster Mapping - An Early Intervention for Dyslexia

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Learn how to teach dyslexic students to read and spell- learn to us an early intervention for dyslexia, teach your dyslexic child to read and spell 

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Spelling Chart

- Download, print and laminate, to use as a Table Top Resource for Students with Dyslexia

Dyslexic students will generally struggle to isolate, segment, blend and manipulate the phonemes (smallest units of spoken words) and map them to graphemes. These skills are essential for reading and spelling. 

To help them we 'Code Map' words for them (a patented technique) as follows. They also 'Duck Hand' each word as they 'follow the sounds to say the word' to ensure that this is a multisensory experience  :

We use Monster Mapping to SHOW them which speech sounds to use (each phoneme monster links to a phonetic symbol as used universally within the IPA)
We spend a few hours before transitioning to linking graphemes (phonics) using just the first 6 to build and 'read' over 20 words with just the monsters, to develop phonemic awareness (Phase 1)

We teach high frequency grapheme choices for all the English phonemes in the SSP systematic phonics teaching order. 

We make sure they can see ALL spelling choices for each phoneme using the Spelling Clouds. Each Speech Sound Monster has their own
Spelling Cloud, showing example words for all spelling choices. 

We offer these spelling choices as a downloadable Spelling Mat on Teachers pay Teachers !


The Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach
'Speech to Print' for our Dyslexic Learners, to overcome PA Deficits!