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Tools for Teaching ALL Students to Read and Spell, Under One Roof !

Monster Mapping - An Early Intervention for Dyslexia

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Learn how to teach dyslexic students to read and spell- learn to us an early intervention for dyslexia, teach your dyslexic child to read and spell 

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Phase 1 is the introduction in week 1 and 2 of prep, and the focus in pre-school. It is used to ENABLE students to learn phonics, so they can decode with fluency and comprehension. Vocab knowledge and oral language skills also essential 

Phase 2 is the routine used to teach reading, writing and spell - generally Prep
and Year 1.  You can use the 30 Minute Phonics Program if time poor. 
Australian teachers visit the ACARA links with SSP page here. 


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Regardless of whether you do the course or not you can download this free guide for parents and teachers. 


The ConDUCKtor Course 

What is Code Mapping? What is Monster Mapping? Why are Miss Emma's techniques and strategies ground breaking, dyslexia inclusive, and why do so many children LOVE learning to read and spell in this way? Why do thousands of teachers in Australia LOVE to teach in this way, many telling their leaders they will quit if asked to stop ! Teacher testimonials can be seen on the SSP Stories page.

Part 2 covers HOW to teach ANY students to read and spell quickly and easily, from session 1. Although the Scope and Sequence applies to all students, they will all work through at their own pace. How does a teacher organise this learning, to meet the needs of the highest number of students ?

Book 6 Month Access to the Online Training (Part 2) 


Part 2 is AU$490 plus GST, but half price ($245 plus GST) until November 30th. Access lasts six months.  You can use it for the whole staff team ie not per person.  It includes access to the student videos, and Snap and Crack resources (these are unavailable to the public)

Resources needed will depend on the students - see popular hard copy resources below. Prep and Year 1 teachers really need a class pack, but others will just need a set of wall clouds, to use during The Speedy Six and during writing activities. There are also resources for students of any age who need extra support and to catch up as previous instruction has not met their needs. This includes high school and adult learners. 
Early Years Educators, parents and home schooling families should start with the Monster Mapping Kit. Add in an A3 Coding Poster per school aged child, and a Spelling Cloud Mat. 

Start with the Part 1 video as Code Mapping and Monster Mapping is really important; not only as the kids LOVE it. but as the issues that prevent children from learning to read and spell are overcome quickly using these techniques. This is the part teachers find the hardest ! It can be a big learning curve for even the best teachers !
So be prepared... the move to SSP will be a marathon, not a sprint ! But worth the switch.  

Miss Emma :-)

Share your success with us !
School in South Australia.


Activities in red relate to learning to recognise and use the 90 or so most commonly used graphemes (used in Year 1 phonics test) and to explore others using inquiry learning (The Speedy Six)