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Tools for Teaching ALL Students to Read and Spell, Under One Roof !

Monster Mapping - An Early Intervention for Dyslexia

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Learn how to teach dyslexic students to read and spell- learn to us an early intervention for dyslexia, teach your dyslexic child to read and spell 

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SSP Stories - Mrs K, Adelaide, Australia) 

'Miss XXXX told me one of her students missed the monster video because he was out of the room on a message and when he returned he cried because he had missed it...'

Comments from students about SSP !

 It’s good because you can learn words. You get to learn more and more words. I like the poster the best.
 I like duck hands because you get to learn the sounds.
 I like moving up because it means you get to learn new sounds. I also like it when you get to read readers to your mum and dad.
 I like when we do our posters and when we read the speedy sentences.
 I like that SSP makes me learn to spell big words that I never knew before. I love the words, the duck hands and the monster moves.
 I like it best because it gets people to learn more letters and words and I like it so much because it is really fun!
 I like circling on the poster because my favourite is the moon that has the werewolf.
 I like the sound pics, say it draw it on the poster.
 I know how to read because I learnt from SSP.
 I love lines and numbers.
 I like saying the sound pics. I like doing the RAP.
 I love SSP because it has different levels.
 We all do SSP and we all like it. We do it all the time.
 I like the big poster.
 I like SSP because it is fun and it’s good for you so you can learn.
 SSP is good and it is fun and I learnt to use duck hands.
 I like SSP because it goes fast and there’s a sun and that’s my name. We got to do satpin. I like doing it.
 SSP is fun and I learn how to spell words.
 I like SSP because it makes my brain grow and it makes me feel good.
 SSP has helped me a lot with my reading and spelling.
 I like when we do paired decoding.
 I like doing the high frequency words.
 I think SSP is useful as a starting tool, but very difficult if you’ve already developed your own spelling methods. It is helpful and it is fun learning, I just think we
should start using SSP from the beginning.
 I like SSP because it’s fun and we get to write a lot.
 I’ve learnt that using your duck hands can really help with long words.
 I like SSP because it’s fun.
 It’s fun!
 SSP has helped me learn. Now I know different sounds in words.
 My favourite bit is when we get to write the words in the Speedy Six.
 SSP makes it easier to know what the words are when you are reading and spelling.
 I learnt that using duck hands is really important for long words.

 I’ve learnt that the word green has two e’s in it. I didn’t know that before.
 It’s good for your spelling and it’s fun!
 You can make m into lots of words. I also learnt you can change words to other words by changing the sounds.
 I think it makes me learn new things and how important it is to use duck hands to sound out new words.
 I think SSP is really helping me with my writing and it’s also fun.
 I like how SSP has the monsters in it.
 It is fun because you get to learn new words and how to spell them.
 SSP is fun and I like learning about it.
 I like SSP because it’s very challenging.
 I love SSP because it helps me learn.
 I like SSP because it’s easier to spell out words with the duck hands.
 I like using my duck hands a lot.
 SSP helps me spell new words. When I started SSP I learnt how to spell new words. When I’m reading and I find a new word I can use my duck hands to work it out.