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Tools for Teaching ALL Students to Read and Spell, Under One Roof !

Monster Mapping - An Early Intervention for Dyslexia

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Learn how to teach dyslexic students to read and spell- learn to us an early intervention for dyslexia, teach your dyslexic child to read and spell 

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SSP Stories - Ann Henderson, TLC Noosa (QLD Australia) 

'Two of my children have been introduced to reading and literacy courtesy of Ann Henderson and the SSP Approach. I cannot recommend Ann highly enough. This is an amazing initiative, eliciting incredible results, and most importantly, instills self-confidence in children and their own ability to read. In addition, it is delivered by a highly experienced teacher who genuinely cares for and works intuitively with children.'


'This is a very well thought out system. In particular, I value that it is NOT about surface learning (memorisation) but gives students the opportunity to discover their own connections. The 'sight words' are awesome - only two words to 'memorise' - the others can be worked out. Most of all it is fun and playful.'

'After teaching children how to read and spell for the past 20 years using a variety of techniques and synthetic phonics programs, I have never seen anything that has the outcomes that this method produces. To see such young children being able to read within the first three weeks of beginning SSP and are then reading at a high level for pleasure before starting Year 1, is a constant source of joy to both myself and their parents. Boys especially are engaged, loving to read at every opportunity and almost no children are being left behind as is the norm with other programs. I continue to teach this method because I am a passionate believer that every child has a better start to their literacy journey through the implementation of the SSP approach in their early years and we need to spread the word.'

Ann Henderson (Grad Dip Ed., BA Behavioural Sc., RN Maternal & Child Welfare)

  • Early Primary teacher (20+ years)

  • Social Worker for families experiencing trauma/child protection /juvenile justice/ foster parent recruitment and training.

  • Registered Nurse Maternal & Child Welfare.

  • Commercial Artist. 

The Monster Routine
Phase 1 activity 'The Monster Routine' and transition to Phase 2 (add in the Speech Sound Pics / Graphemes) 


A4 Coding Posters
All 4 Code Levels displayed as individual posters.
2 x A4 laminated sheets, printed both sides
Ideal for very young children or those receiving
learning support.


A5 Handbooks - Photocopiable Resources
Phase 1 and the SSP Code Levels (90+ high frequency graphemes)
400+ High Frequency Words, Code Mapped and Monster Mapped


Spelling Cloud Keyring
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes


Speech Sound Monster Cards
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes on the back
(Use to build a Monster Bank) 


Speech Sound Clouds
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes


400+ High Frequency Words (7 Duck Levels)
Code Mapped


400+ High Frequency Words (7 Duck Levels)
Code Mapped 
Spelling Cloud Keyring
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes

Buy Both 


A3 Coding Posters
All 4 Code Levels on 1 laminated poster.
Students can write on the sheet with white board pen.


3 Speech Sound Puppets
Speech Sound Duck
Speech Sound Frog
Speech Sound King


Monster Cards - Small Pack

Every Speech Sound Monster, with their Spelling Choices on the back !