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Tools for Teaching ALL Students to Read and Spell, Under One Roof !

Monster Mapping - An Early Intervention for Dyslexia

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Learn how to teach dyslexic students to read and spell- learn to us an early intervention for dyslexia, teach your dyslexic child to read and spell 

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SSP Stories - Alana Pere in New Zealand

' Since tutoring with Alana the difference in  Shay has been immense. From a parents perspective - life changing. He no longer dreads school and questions why he is so different from his peers in regards to his learning. Alana has given him the tools to understand his weaknesses (and strengths) and how to apply them. SSP is a completely different approach to anything we have tried but it is definitely what my boys needed and “makes sense” to them. It has helped dramatically not only in bringing my sons reading level up but his confidence level. '
Shay's Mum 

Well done Alana !

Why I love SSP with Alana

More clips here soon !

Emma - 15 years

I like the encouragement Alana gives me and how invested she is in me succeeding.
I can now read out loud confidently and decode big words quickly where before I struggled to even work out the beginning of them. SSP tutoring with Alana is fun and what I have learnt makes me feel smarter and more confident in class even though I am dyslexic.
Tutoring is something you look forward to every week instead of dreading it like school, because you actually know what's happening, you understand it and can contribute.

Hayley - 13 years
SSP definitely helps me, it makes me more confident with reading aloud in class and with writing. The SSP activities and games I do at tutoring with Alana are fun and are a fun way to learn. It is better for me than classroom learning, I understand it better and it makes me want to actually pay attention. I don't like work but this is fun work.

Hayley's Mum

Hayley has gained confidence and learnt to decode words, to spell more accurately and to use her new skills in writing. She has gone to college this year with confidence in herself and her ability to learn, to be understood and achieve.

Alana is AMAZING!!! SSP is Brilliant and Alana has been a lifesaver!


Emma's Mum

Emma thrived on SSP tutoring with Alana, learning how to decode tricky and long words and gaining confidence in herself and her abilities. Emma is now confident to use words in her classwork and exams that she previously wanted to use but wasn't quite able to articulate or spell. Emma went from struggling in school to passing her NCEA Level 1 with a Merit endorsement.


Max’s Mum

Max's confidence in his reading has grown significantly since he started tutoring with Alana last year, following an IEP meeting. We talk about what sounds he's learning and I've noticed that where he used to make up a word if he came across one he didn't know, he now has the ability and knowledge to sound it out correctly. Phonics simply didn't work for him. SSP does.


Josie's Mum

My daughter has been working with Alana doing SSP. We have found a positive improvement is her reading and writing. Myself and her  teacher see her using the strategies that she has gained every day in the classroom and at home. SSP is giving Josie a tool in her tool box to help her be resilient in school where reading and writing is a very important part and it’s allowing her to be and do the very best she can.


Soren's Mum

We have been lucky enough to have the support from Alana after coming to the conclusion that our son has a learning difficulty called Dyspraxia. We noticed an immediate improvement in Sorens confidence, attitude and learning. Tanya Hampton (class teacher)  also noticed a great jump in our son’s reading levels.

More here soon !

Contact Alana about SSP tutoring in New Zealand !   

Contact Alana

Alana's SSP Channel

The Monster Routine
Phase 1 activity 'The Monster Routine' and transition to Phase 2 (add in the Speech Sound Pics / Graphemes) 


A4 Coding Posters
All 4 Code Levels displayed as individual posters.
2 x A4 laminated sheets, printed both sides
Ideal for very young children or those receiving
learning support.


A5 Handbooks - Photocopiable Resources
Phase 1 and the SSP Code Levels (90+ high frequency graphemes)
400+ High Frequency Words, Code Mapped and Monster Mapped


Spelling Cloud Keyring
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes


Speech Sound Monster Cards
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes on the back
(Use to build a Monster Bank) 


Speech Sound Clouds
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes


400+ High Frequency Words (7 Duck Levels)
Code Mapped


400+ High Frequency Words (7 Duck Levels)
Code Mapped 
Spelling Cloud Keyring
All Spelling Choices, for All English Phonemes

Buy Both 


A3 Coding Posters
All 4 Code Levels on 1 laminated poster.
Students can write on the sheet with white board pen.


3 Speech Sound Puppets
Speech Sound Duck
Speech Sound Frog
Speech Sound King


Class Pack (25 students)

Speech Sound Duck Puppet
25 A3 Coding Posters
(write on with whiteboard pens)
5 Spelling Cloud Keyrings
A5 Wall Clouds (all spelling choices)
1 Duck Level Keyring
Linguistic Phonics Handbook
Sight Word Done Differently Handbook
Mini Decodable Readers (these align with the 4 Phonics Code Levels, see free Decodable Readers Guide)
RWI Card Pack for Letter Formation 

Group Pack (6/8 students)

BONUS FREE GIFT - Duck Puppet :-)
Worth $30

MASSIVE discount for ordering as a bundle. When ordered separately this would cost $712.50 plus Postage and GST

Bought as a bundle for $570 plus Postage and GST

This is what you get...
* Phonics Handbook for Photocopying (use this to create resources for Phase 1, to lead into the Phonics element, and then the Big Six.
Sold separately $75

* Speedy Sight Words Handbooks for Photocopying (use this to create home and classroom flashcards, 400+ high frequency words Code and Monster Mapped) 
Sold Separately $75 

* 6 x SSP Student Coding Posters (A3)
Sold separately, 6 x $20 = $120 (1 per student - so order extra if necessary)

* 3 x A4 Coding Posters
Sold separately, 4 x $22.50 = $90 

* Pocket Rocket Readers - 1 Orange Box and 1 Purple Box (We suggest laminating them) Sold separately $35 each = $70

Mini Decodable Readers (these align with the 4 Phonics Code Levels, see free Decodable Readers Guide)

* 1 SSP Spelling Clouds for walls (A5 size) All the Spelling Clouds, all spelling choices
Sold separately $65

* 3 SSP Spelling Cloud Keyrings  (also encourage parents to order for home use, which will really help reinforce classroom learning
Sold separately $22.50 each = $67.50 

*2 SSP Duck High Frequency Word Keyring -extension for Coding Poster Sight Words/ Duck Level Words)Sold separately $20 each - $40


* 2 x SSP Monster Cards (Small) Sold separately $17.50 = $35
Make a Monster Bank using these (see video)

*1 Letter Formation Cards (RWI) Sold separately $20

* 1 x Assessment Pack  Sold separately $55 


Speech Sound Clouds

A4 of A5